Kill The Small Ideas And You Kill The Big Ones By The Same Stroke

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Child Tending Broken Baby Seedling free creative commons (Photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography)

I work with a terrific team.

I do.  Not only are they enthusiastic and terrific to deal with.  They display tremendous ownership of their jobs.

In the last six months, one after and another, a few of them start to perform beyond my expectations and in ways that promise to redefine our business.

I believe one cannot demand true excellence.  It’s right to expect it but it’s impossible to demand it.  True excellence has to come from the person.  It has to come from  an individual’s own desire to achieve.

I believe one can only create conditions for excellence and nurture its growth.  Create the necessary conditions and I say ..

“Let them do their work.”

To create the necessary conditions, I :

  1. Hire people with the right values who will fit into the team culture. (Knowledge,  we can teach; personality, we have to buy.)
  2. Focus on communicating the “why”.  Make sure they understand how their work fits into the larger context of the company’s value creation.
  3. Make sure they understand their targets and their metrics.
  4. Encourage the small ideas.  People start with small ideas.  They learn from your reactions before progressively moving onto bigger and bigger ideas.

Kill the small ideas and you kill the big ones by the same stroke.  Keep nurturing your team’s personal developments and they will start surprising you with wonderful things!

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6 comments on “Kill The Small Ideas And You Kill The Big Ones By The Same Stroke
  1. supriya says:

    I agree too. Nice post :)

  2. Great post. You might like a post I did earlier in the year entitled “It isn’t that they don’t know the answer.” In it I write that there are no crazy ideas. No wrong answers when creative brainstorming, when being innovative.
    Thank you!

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